They say the closer you get to sea level, the better the distillation process.

Our Spirits

Our Spirits

Our Bitters

For the first time, Bitters are being sourced, made and bottled in Newfoundland and Labrador. The botanicals are all foraged and harvested locally, using ingredients native to the province. 

Our Proper Homemade Egg Nog

Our classic egg nog recipe is made from scratch which is surprisingly easy, completely delicious and enough for 2! It is the time to share and with those ingredients there is no holding back!

Top half of cocktail shaker muddle together half teaspoon each of cinammon and clove.

Bottom half of cocktail shaker: 
2 egg yolks (coddled in an ideal world, fine if you’re not worried and want to keep it simple)  
4oz Gunpowder and Rose Rum 
5oz Wholemilk 
2oz Whipping Cream 
3/4 oz Simple Syrup 

Shake vigorously to froth up. Add ice. Quick shake to cool, strain in to a coupe or any glass to hand. Garnish with Star of Anise and grated ground nutmeg. Thanks to Brian Pisani, our star bartender who perfected this one!



Visit The Newfoundland Distillery

Please visit our Distillery in Clarke's Beach where you can try our spirits while enjoying the views of Conception Bay. Our shop has all our spirits in stock, a range of merchandise and some superb locally produced products