Introducing Newfoundland Whisky!

Introducing the world’s first Newfoundland Whisky. Made in Newfoundland, by Newfoundlanders, for whisky lovers everywhere.

From the beginning of the Newfoundland Distillery’s journey of crafting spirits that revealed the untapped depths of flavour hidden in the far corners of our province, a whisky has always been the dream.

And now, after four years of planning, and three more years of patiently waiting, with barrels of aging whisky stacked around us, we’re ready to share it with the world. 

While our whisky took inspiration from a traditional European approach, our mash bill is made up of both malted and un-malted barley from Atlantic Canada to define a spirit that is distinctly our own; a triple distilled, single pot still Newfoundland Whisky.

Our double-casked whisky has been matured in a mixture of virgin oak barrels and once used bourbon barrels. While these last few years have taken on a timelessness for us all, the barrels lived a quiet life on the shores of Conception Bay, breathing the salt air and instilling a complexity of flavour.

 Surprisingly smooth for a three-year-old, our Newfoundland Whisky features hints of oak, butter scotch, almond, leather and green apple. It’s a superb sipper straight up or on the rocks, or in your favourite whisky-based cocktail.

This new designation of whisky is not to be missed, as a Newfoundland spin on whisky is something that has never been available before (not legally anyway). It also marks a Canadian milestone, now that our country can now boast a whisky for every province, coast to coast.

This is the first release for the Newfoundland Distillery’s whisky series and will be followed by Batch Number 2 in February 2024, with further releases throughout the year. Our first single malt whisky will be released in the summer of 2025.

Realizing this dream has been a long time coming, and we believe it was worth waiting for. And hope that you will agree.