Ready-to-Drink Cocktails Available Now!

The Newfoundland Distillery Company is thrilled to launch their first Ready-to-Drink cocktails (RTDs),  Vodka & Soda and  Gunpowder & Rose Rum and Cola. Both products  will be available through NL Liquor Stores and the Newfoundland Distillery Shop in Clarke’s Beach. 

Vodka & Soda

This is as pure and simple as it gets, our Vodka and club soda, with nothing added at all. Put your twist on it, pour over ice with a slice and squeeze of lemon or lime or add blueberry, cucumber or whatever you fancy. It can also be enjoyed on its own. It’s time to make it yours!

Gunpowder & Rose Rum and Cola

Our Gunpowder and Rose Rum with a classic cola - this is the drink we all drink. The rum blends perfectly with real cola flavours. Fantastic, straight from a chilled can and is also superb over ice with a squeeze of fresh lime.

In the perfect world we would recommend pouring both of our RTDs over ice and adding a squeeze and slice of lime, or any other fruit you fancy! They can also be enjoyed chilled, directly from the can.

Our RTDs are sold in 4 packs of slim 355ml cans. Each can contains 2oz of our spirit. The cans are 6.7% alc/vol. The final retail price, including HST will be $16.75.