Barrelling the first ever Newfoundland Whisky

On October 19th we laid down the first barrels of Newfoundland Whisky. This is the first time, in the history of the Province, that Newfoundland Whisky is being made, using local barley and distilled and aged in Newfoundland. The first casks of whisky will be ready for bottling and sale in 2023.

We have used a combination of Newfoundland grown barley mixed with barley from PEI as that is the closest malted grain we could source.

The whisky is being aged in specially made new oak barrels. We did test the whisky for smoothness before putting it in the barrels and believe the three distillations through our copper pot still have produced an extremely smooth spirit that aging in oak barrels will turn into an incredibly fine whisky.

Peter Wilkins, co-founder of The Newfoundland Distillery Company, said “It took us four years to lay down our first whisky so hopefully the next three years will fly by as we can hardly wait to try our whisky then. What is particularly exciting is that whisky fans in the province and across Canada will, for the first time, have a superb whisky distilled and aged in Newfoundland and will be able to compare it with other whiskies across Canada, literally from coast to coast."