Our Spirits


We very proud to have our first full batch of vodka, bottled and ready for sale. It is 100% barley, with a small amount of local barley, but predominantly from the Atlantic Canada. (We do have crops being planted especially for us on the West Coast of Newfoundland, but they won't be ready until the fall)

It is a smooth vodka, even when consumed at room temperature and without mix. You can taste a hint of the barley, but it is very pure, finely filtered and totally delicious.




Our  very own Newfoundland Distillery Company Gin, which has juniper, cloudberry and savoury for its botanicals is now available from our own shop and will be available in all NLC stores in early-mid July.



Seaweed Gin

We also have a seaweed gin, made using seaweed (dulse) harvested from the Grand Banks. Slightly salty, full of juniper, it is like being in an ocean mist, next to a herb garden.



Next on the list - ready towards the end of the summer, this is Scandinavian-style whisky, with some subtle local flavours. We will aim for hint of charred juniper, some local peat and surprising smoothness in a very young wannabe whisky.