Our Spirits




This gin is full of juniper and bake apple (or cloudberry) picked from the wilds of Placentia Bay,  with a little savoury for Mt Scio. We've tried to keep if very pure and simple using only local botanicals. This one is a little fruity,  the bakeapples giving it a few citrus notes which balance out the juniper.

Seaweed Gin

Our seaweed gin, made using seaweed (dulse) harvested from the Grand Banks. Slightly salty, full of juniper, it is like being in an ocean mist, next to a herb garden and is the savoury (flavour wise rather than herb wise) companion to our cloudberry gin.

This gin was awarded a silver medal at the 2018 Canadian Artisan Spirit Competition.




Our aquavit is the first spirit ever produced in Newfoundland that has been fully grown and legally distilled in the province. The ingredients come from coast to coast; the barley was grown and dried in Cormac, the honey is from Tuck’s Bee Better Farm in Grand Falls, pristine spring water comes from Springdale, the peat and juniper from Clarke’s Beach and a dash of savoury from Mt. Scio in St John’s.

Aquavit is a Nordic spirit which is traditionally a grain based alcohol flavoured with local herbs and botanicals. We’ve made ours unique to Newfoundland and in some ways it’s a young ‘wannabe’ whisky; there’s a hint of smokiness, the campfire is there safely in the distance, a little bit of earthiness from the peat, herbal notes from the savoury and a comforting roundness from a small touch of honey.

This is a young smooth spirit, reminiscent of the aromas and purity of a walk through the Newfoundland wilderness.

Aquavit can be enjoyed in many ways, from straight, over ice and in many whisky based cocktails, from an old fashioned, to an aquavit sour and even a hot toddy!


Our vodka is made with 100% barley which gives it a little more body than some other vodkas. While you can taste hints of grain it is suprisingly smooth and is superb either on the rocks or in any cocktail. 

It is an award winning vodka winning a silver medal at the 2018 Canadian Artisan Spirit Competition. The judges called it 'buttery' amongst other things!