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Chaga Rum

Our Chaga Rum is a premium spirit made using 5 year old Demerara rum from Guyana which is finely infused in Clarke’s Beach with chaga harvested from central Newfoundland and honey from Grand Falls Windsor. The flavours capture the deep earthy notes of the chaga which bring out rich hints of truffle, chocolate and coffee balanced by the classic deep notes of the rum, held together by a touch of honey - perfect for savouring and warming up with!

The Chaga Rum was selected as Best Canadian Spiced Rum at the 2019 World Rum Awards in London. It also won a silver medal and the San Francisco World Spirit Awards in 2019


Gunpowder & Rose Rum

Gunpowder and Rose Rum is made with the key flavours of gunpowder, using sea salt from the Newfoundland Salt Company for the taste of salt petre, locally harvested kelp which is a natural source of sulphur and some charred birch for the carbon flavours which contrast with the floral notes of wild Newfoundland roses.

This makes for a unique rum, that opens up with the gunpowder flavours before the mellower tones of the aged rum, with hints of vanilla come into play, followed by the aromatic scents of wild Newfoundland roses.

In the navy rum was always ‘proofed’ before the sailors were given their daily ration, To do this the purser would put some gunpowder in the rum and light it. If it flared up, the rum was as it should be and the sailors would know they were getting their proper measure. We have taken this idea and balanced it with the hint of roses to make a unique amber rum that satisfies those looking for a traditional rum and those looking for more subtle flavours with complex undertones.

Rhubarb Flavoured Vodka 

The Rhubarb Flavoured Vodka is made with Newfoundland rhubarb. It has the freshness and bite of just-picked rhubarb, which is tempered with a dash of Bee Better honey from Grand Falls, Windsor. All the ingredients are from the Newfoundland, including the barley grown on the West Coast of the island. Our Rhubarb Flavoured Vodka is ideal to drink on its own or as a flavourful twist in vodka based cocktails, especially in citrus ones. Rhubarb Flavoured Vodka also makes a very fine martini.


Cloudberry Gin

This gin is full of juniper and cloudberry picked from the wilds of Placentia Bay,  with a little savory from Mt Scio. We've tried to keep if very pure and simple using only local botanicals. This one is a little fruity,  the cloudberries giving it a few citrus notes which balance out the juniper.

Our Gin won a silver medal at the San Francisco World Spirit Competition in 2018.

Seaweed Gin

Our seaweed gin, made using seaweed (dulse) harvested from the Grand Banks. Slightly salty, full of juniper, it is like being in an ocean mist, next to a herb garden and is the savoury (flavour wise rather than herb wise) companion to our cloudberry gin.

This gin was awarded a double gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirit Competition in 2018 and a silver medal at the 2018 Canadian Artisan Spirit Competition.



Our aquavit is the first spirit ever produced in Newfoundland that has been fully grown and legally distilled in the province. The ingredients come from coast to coast; the barley was grown and dried in Cormac, the honey is from Tuck’s Bee Better Farm in Grand Falls, pristine spring water comes from Springdale, the peat and juniper from Clarke’s Beach and a dash of savoury from Mt. Scio in St John’s.

Aquavit is a Nordic spirit which is traditionally a grain based alcohol flavoured with local herbs and botanicals. We’ve made ours unique to Newfoundland and in some ways it’s a young ‘wannabe’ whisky; there’s a hint of smokiness, the campfire is there safely in the distance, a little bit of earthiness from the peat, herbal notes from the savoury and a comforting roundness from a small touch of honey.

This is a young smooth spirit, reminiscent of the aromas and purity of a walk through the Newfoundland wilderness.

Aquavit can be enjoyed in many ways, from straight, over ice and in many whisky based cocktails, from an old fashioned, to an aquavit sour and even a hot toddy!

Our Aquavit won a silver medal at the 2019 San Francisco World Spirit Awards.


Our brand new white label vodka is made with locally grown barley, mostly from Cormac, Newfoundland. It has a very subtle hint of the barley and is incredibly smooth, with hints of vanilla and butter. We like to think it can win many 'taste-offs' but do appreciate we might not be the most objective judges!