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Our aquavit is the first spirit ever produced in Newfoundland that has been fully grown and legally distilled in the province. The ingredients come from coast to coast; the barley was grown and dried in Cormack, the honey is from Tuck’s Bee Better Farm in Grand Falls-Windsor, pristine spring water comes from Springdale, the peat and juniper from Clarke’s Beach and a dash of savoury from Mt. Scio in St John’s.

Aquavit is a Nordic spirit which is traditionally a grain based alcohol flavoured with local herbs and botanicals. We’ve made ours unique to Newfoundland and in some ways it’s a young ‘wannabe’ whisky; there’s a hint of smokiness, the campfire is there safely in the distance, a little bit of earthiness from the peat, herbal notes from the savoury and a comforting roundness from a small touch of carmelised honey.

This is a young smooth spirit, reminiscent of the aromas and purity of a walk through the Newfoundland wilderness.

750ml, 40% alc/vol.