Gunpowder & Rose Rum

Gunpowder & Rose Rum

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Gunpowder and Rose Rum is made with the key flavours of gunpowder, using sea salt from the Newfoundland Salt Company for the taste of salt petre, locally harvested kelp which is a natural source of sulphur and some charred birch for the carbon flavours which contrast with the floral notes of wild Newfoundland roses.

This makes for a unique rum, that opens up with the gunpowder flavours before the mellower tones of the aged rum, with hints of vanilla come into play, followed by the aromatic scents of wild Newfoundland roses.

In the navy rum was always ‘proofed’ before the sailors were given their daily ration, To do this the purser would put some gunpowder in the rum and light it. If it flared up, the rum was as it should be and the sailors would know they were getting their proper measure. We have taken this idea and balanced it with the hint of roses to make a unique amber rum that satisfies those looking for a traditional rum and those looking for more subtle flavours with complex undertones.

Our Gunpowder and Rose Rum won a bronze medal and the San Francisco World Spirit Awards in 2019

750ml, 40% alc/vol.