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For the first time, Bitters are being sourced, made and bottled in Newfoundland and Labrador. The botanicals are all foraged and harvested locally, using ingredients native to the province. 

The four flavours are:
Cloudberry Bitters,
Chaga & Chanterelle Bitters,
Seaweed & Nettle Bitters,
Sweet Gale & Wild Rose Bitters.

Each of our Bitters capture distinct flavours of our province –  hints of citrus, with a little bit of the barrens for the cloudberry, the wood and earth-like flavours of chaga and chanterelle, a dash of salt and savoury from the seaweed & nettle and  the floral notes of the sweet gale & wild rose.

Shipping for all Bitters is flat rate a $7.50 (up to 9 bottles) with Canada Post or free when purchased with a bottle of spirits.

We can ship our Bitters across Canada, except in Newfoundland where they are available at the distillery shop in Clarke's Beach and at NLC stores.